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New Single “Kriket” By Inland Doves

New Single “Kriket” By Inland Doves

Toronto indie-alt band Inland Doves have released their second single ‘Kriket’. Conceived in Bali before the 2020 lockdown, the song is a compelling testament to determination, peace and the crowded silence of nature. 

When you’re alone in the woods and everything is perfectly quiet the sound of crickets can fill the world around you with a natural kind of ambient music that’s incomparable to anything composed by humankind. If you’re a comedian on the other hand the sound can be deadly. When you’re Rich Misener of Inland Doves, the sound is nothing less than inspirational. 

Composed in Bali on a trip cut short by the onset of the COVID-19 virus in early March of last year, ‘Kriket’ is the new song from Inland Doves. The song features music from Jason Pierce, Duncan Coutts, Steve Mazur, and Marty From The Well. The song is more than worth a listen and continues on the connected and disconnected off-beaten-path-electronic-music path the last single from the band – ‘Kuta’ – left off. 

The fact is that we’re all stuck here, on this planet, hurtling through infinite space, and finding any form of comfort right now isn’t just important, it’s necessary. The lyrics to this track don’t leave this sort of sentiment on the sidelines, they instead embrace a definitive statement of personal freedom, growth, and change. Sometimes growth is comforting, even though it might seem scary.

Sometimes being alone, being independent, being free, brings you closer to others. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent some time learning about how we can and should support other people. Be it in Sunday School or just regular school, there is an expectation in society to be better than we are. There’s nothing wrong with that. Objectively it’s a very good thing. Until you forget to love yourself that is. At the end of the day, we are only left with ourselves, honest and alone, in our heads, usually in a room, when it’s dark and sleep comes. ‘Krikets’ has made me nothing less than introspective as fuck. It’s a wonderful song and my favourite this year, so far. 

Misener had this to say about ‘Kriket’, “Crickets are perceived as the sound that occurs when nothing is left when silence takes over. It is often in these moments that you are trying to find your way. We all have that reflex to go back to our past to feel secure, to feel better, etc – but our past should stay in the past and we should build the future from those ‘Kriket’ moments”

There’s no part of us on a basic level that wants to be held in one place, freedom is irrevocably important. That doesn’t mean that true freedom isn’t also irrevocably terrifying. When we live in a world that is manicured to our needs it’s not hard to forget that the real world, the unforgiving world, the wild world of nature is the order of the day throughout the universe (as far as we know at least) – and the rules and self-imposed restrictions we impose on ourselves, ultimately mean nothing. 

Kricket is the second single from Inland Doves, and it’s available everywhere you get your music. 



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