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New Ones at Noon E44 (Feat. Cory Marks, Grand Splendid, and Royal Canoe)

New Ones at Noon E44 (Feat. Cory Marks, Grand Splendid, and Royal Canoe)
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E44 (Feat. Cory Marks, Grand Splendid, and Royal Canoe)

Butterfalls by Royal Canoe

Royal Canoe are known for loving a challenge. Whether it’s playing instruments made of ice in the dead of Winnipeg winter or writing polyrhythmic pop hits, Royal Canoe never settles. Wait what? Ok so back in January of 2020 – just before the beginning of the end this band – who’s not a fan of the cold according to a CBC article crafted instruments out of ice for a Free concert at The Forks Market in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

So, damn. 

Anyways. The band is back with a new track and a video called ‘Butterfalls’. The band is ready to watch the shit hit the fan so to speak – by the sounds of things – I couldn’t agree more some days. This song is less about the world and more about a personal journey we all have to go through once and a while and usually more than once. Or it’s about the collective understanding that society as we know it is sort of unsustainable and on the brink of collapse. Either way it’s a total banger. The Juno nominated band is Matt Peters, Bucky m, Matt Shellenberg, Brandan Berg, and Michael Jordan. This is their new single ‘Butterfalls’. 

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Magic by Grand Splendid

Magic is hard, one would assume at least. It’s funny how music reflects our lives so much that it seems to follow us with themes and even synchronicities – maybe the ones we need and maybe the ones we’re just looking for. Grand Splendid is an indie rock band from Montreal with upfront electric guitar sounds and soothing vocal melodies. We’ve featured these guys on the show before and I can’t recommend giving their music a listen enough. It’s thoughtful and beautifully composed. They’ve shared the stage with acts like We Are Monroe and The Glorious Sons. I expect good stuff. This is Grand Splendid and their new single ‘Magic’.

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Blame it on the Double by Cory Marks

When all else fails, blame it on the double – that’s advice I think I could have used in my twenties, although I think in those days we just poured a bunch of vodka in a glass and called it a vodka soda. I digress. Let me backup for a second – as you may know drinking is a serious issue for some people – and for some people it’s not and those are both things that are totally ok.

If you think you’re drinking too much then tell someone and ask for some help. If you have a few at a bar and once and while you make an ass out of yourself – well then you’re probably just in your twenties.

This is a stellar song about going into the weekend for a great time and the last thing I want to do is make it heavy. Cory Marks is an Outlaw and Outsider who’s song outlaws and outsiders just hit GOLD in Canada and that’s pretty damn awesome! He’s celebrating with a re-release of his single Blame it on the Double this time featuring some killer talent along side him in the studio including modern Country legend Travis Tritt, Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch and Mick Mars from Mötley Crüe. I got some time to chat with Marks about his Gold Record, and his new single. Here’s my interview with Cory Marks as well as his new tune ‘Blame it on the Double Feat Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman & Jason Hook’.

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