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Mountain Head Releases New Music Video For “Let It Out”, Featuring Lyle & Zen

Mountain Head Releases New Music Video For “Let It Out”, Featuring Lyle & Zen

Look out Ed The Sock, there’s 2 new socks in town and they just might be able to outsmoke you. Mountain Head recently released a fun new music video for their 9th single Let It Out, featuring a number of fans and friends who submitted footage from their homes, two sock puppets, Lyle and Zen in downtown Georgetown. Lyle and Zen were first introduced to Mountain Head’s audience on May 1st, as the hosts of a late night talk show titled “Let It Out” and fans got to watch an extra snippet of the show every day until the single dropped. It was a great lead up to their music video premiere, as the stars of the Let It Out music video.

“We made the puppets ‘Lyle & Zen’ as a means to make a fun music video from home during lockdown,” Mountain Head explain. “We almost heard it as an adult Sesame Street, so we created a mini concept world, with the puppets to entertain us.”

“Once the pandemic hit we really had to flex the DIY muscle” says Kyle Hannah. “Usually we are on a set, with a crew, and there’s a whole lot going on”  Ben Hannah adds “But for this video we had to scale it back and get creative”.

The video has already surpassed 25,000 views, proving that a great song, a great idea, a cellphone and some arts and crafts supplies can go a long way. Let It Out was produced by Darcy Yates (Bahamas, Kathleen Edwards, Great Lake Swimmers) and if you’re looking for a groovy and fun but chill song to add to your long weekend playlist this is perfect. The song has been charting on Canadian radio and it’s easy to see why.  Click below to watch Lyle and Zen in the vivacious new Mountain Head music video “Let It Out”!



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