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Interview With Rose Cora Perry of Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Interview With Rose Cora Perry of Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

We had the opportunity to ask Rose Cora Perry of Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold a few questions about their upcoming performance at the Legendary El Mocambo for Indie Night in Canada, their latest hit single & music video “Not My Time”, CMW, the bands formation, what they’ve got coming up and more! Keep scrolling to read the interview and to watch “Not My Time”!

Interview with Rose Cora Perry

You have a big show coming up at The El Mocambo for Indie Night In Canada, you were selected as one of 18 bands out of 185, can you tell us about the show?
Absolutely! Indie Night in Canada (INIC) is a special industry event which aims to showcase and connect “Canada’s hottest independent buzz bands” with industry representatives. Founded in 2009, it takes place during Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

How excited are you for the show and can you describe the feeling when you found out you were selected to play it?
Pretty damn honoured! Our acceptance letter indicated that my “persistence” had paid off as far as garnering the attention of the organizers, which made me chuckle.

As an added bonus, several of our friends, including Scarlet Sins, are showcasing as well so not only will we get to rock the event ourselves but also get to enjoy performances by our musical colleagues.


Do you remember the first time you played a show in Toronto? How was that experience?
Hilariously enough, my very first performance ever in Toronto (with my first band HER) was at The El Mocambo too. I was fresh out of highschool. I remember being equally nervous and excited to grace such a legendary stage. I feel much the same way now about being selected to perform for INIC. It will be a cool ‘full circle’ experience in that capacity.

What is your experience with Canadian Music Week?
My former band Anti-Hero was privileged enough to perform two Canadian Music Week showcases as well as a showcase at NXNE; the combination of which ended up landing us a record deal with a subsidiary of Universal Music back in the early 2000s.

Industry events such as these are a great opportunity to be able to really make an impression on the “movers and shakers” of the biz, so to speak. It’s also a wonderful ‘nod’ to your efforts when you’re selected to showcase as it acknowledges the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your craft is getting noticed.

Can you tell us about your latest hit single “Not My Time”?
“Not My Time” is our post-pandemic hit that was inspired by my personal experience with covid. I wrote the song two days following recovery over my own battle against the illness in hopes that it would resonate with others.

The past couple of years have wreaked havoc on the whole of human society: whether it be socially, physically, psychologically or emotionally. We have all had burdens to bear on account of the pandemic.

The intention of the song is to bring people together: acknowledging our shared plight and the fact that it’s “not our time” to give up on ourselves nor each other despite the different views we may hold.

We are so very grateful for its success thus far: having been aired on 50+ radio stations and achieving 100,000+ views on Youtube within six months of release.


What is one of your favourite memories from recording the music video for “Not My Time”?
Probably our videographer, Eman, directing our pal Ben, who played the FBI Analyst, to make it look like he was non-verbally “communicating” with Tyler (offscreen) who portrayed the FBI Agent in pursuit of my character.

I will always remember Eman saying to Ben, “And now you’re mousing,” as in moving the mouse on the computer screen to make it look like Ben was referencing something my character was up to via surveillance. It was one of those “you had to be there” moments, I’m sure, but I can still hear Eman’s voice and it makes me laugh.

You’ve played many world-renowned venues from Summer NAMM to The Whisky-a-Go-Go and Vans Warped Tour, can you share one of your favourite live show moments with us?
Playing those venues was an incredible experience and a dream come true. I think it goes without saying that all three are easily on most bands’ “dream venue list” so I feel pretty damn privileged that I’ve been able to perform at all three within my own career.

Despite having those incredible experiences, my favourite live show moment of all time was actually at a little community festival in Ohio called “Yellow Springs Street Fair”. A torrential downpour hit as we were about mid-set and I remember saying through the microphone to the soundguy, “Do you want us to stop?” Despite the wind picking up and him literally having to brace himself to hold a tarp over the soundboard, we were given the green light to keep on playing.

The crowd was drenched but seemingly loving the fact they were dancing in the rain and mud. I can’t think of another show where we felt so very welcomed and appreciated for our performance. It was truly a beautiful sight to witness – like our own personal version of “Woodstock”.

How did The Truth Untold come together, and how do the 3 of you push each other to be the best artists you can be?
Tyler, my drummer/partner and I met on a local Facebook musicians group wherein I was recruiting members to be a part of my live touring band to promote my then 2016 solo release, “Onto the Floor”.

Originally, when I formed the project, I wasn’t entirely sure of the direction: whether I wanted to stay doing a singer/songwriter thing with a backing band or return to my rock frontwoman roots. It didn’t take long jamming out my songs on electric with Tyler pounding the drums for me to reinvigorate my love of distortion and to re-work some of my solo material into heavier “live” arrangements.

This year we recruited the lovely and talented Jessie Taynton to join us for live shows on bass and backing vocals. We’re excited to be taking her with us on some US dates – this will be her first time touring outside of Canada.

Who are some of the Canadian artists you’ve been listening to the most this year?
Big Wreck is always on regular rotation! The Killjoys, too, whom we have the pleasure of opening for in our hometown on June 3rd.

What do you have planned for the rest of summer 2023?
We’ve got ourselves a mini North American tour booked! Check out the Experience page on my website for the latest dates.

Do you have any last words you’d like to share with our readers?
Keep on rocking my friends.



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