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Hideout Legacy – Eastview (Exclusive Premiere)

Hideout Legacy – Eastview (Exclusive Premiere)
 Toronto modern rock 3 piece, Hideout Legacy have just released their latest album Eastview and we’re excited to be sharing it with you exclusively on Dropout Entertainment today! Comprising twin bros Alex Arthur, Thomas Arthur and Dan Morson, Hideout Legacy brings a blend of rock and pop for a sound that will please your aural pallet. The band gets their sound from a mix of rock variations: modern from Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves, electronic from Muse, desert from Queens of the Stone Age, and legendary from Led Zeppelin. You can really hear these influences come through on the album, all with an awesome Toronto twist. Hideout Legacy has a very cool rock n roll tone, finding that sweet spot between polished and rugged, heavy and melodic leaving the listener with a new direction to groove to with each of the five new tracks.
Eastview was made in a unique situation, in the band’s bandhouse on Eastview Cres, with their producer, Joey Virgilio (The Rathburns), living and recording them in their studio. The album combines elements of rock, with catchy pop feel, and combines a variety of sounds in a cohesive alternative rock feel. Click below to listen to Eastside and keep scrolling for a song by song breakdown of the album!
1. The album opens with New Day Rising, a song that combines a modern soundscape with a unique message, one very prevalent to coming out of any negative situation with a new, fresh slate and a positive outlook on life. Powerful, heavy and inspiring, it captures the Album’s cover of looking at a sunrise, a new day.
2. You are The Only is a melodically powerful song about being crazy about a person, and that person being the only person you’d want to love. It combines rock and bass classic elements with a drum beat.
3. I Got You is a powerful rock song about a legacy love, something that the band members really saw in their own personal lives in their grandparents and parents, and captured that feeling in the song.
4. Drive Me Wild has mysterious sonics that capture a deep and dark animalistic desire to make love, and is captured in a rousing chorus.
5. Game Changer is a pump up song with modern guitar tones that announces your intention in any realm that you want to leave an impact in life.
Each song on the album has a video and a remix in a differnet musical genre, highlighting the songs and feel in a unique way. You can watch the video for You Are The Only One below, to watch more their videos visit



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