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BEX’s new song ‘Feelings’ will have you questioning if feelings are indeed facts

BEX’s new song ‘Feelings’ will have you questioning if feelings are indeed facts

“Feelings are not facts” but it’s no mistake Feelings is an incredibly raw and relatably written song about all of our inner struggles with feelings.

Bex is an indie-pop/rock artist from Colborne, Ontario whose mission is to connect with her listeners and to remind them that no matter what they’re going through they are not alone. An incredibly admirable goal for an artist to have and she proves her ability to do so with Feelings. Through her talent for writing and creating stories she crafted a song that everyone of us can be touched by and relate to.

Feelings is about our internal struggle with feelings and whether or not to trust them or if we should take a more logical approach. The song came to life when she challenged herself to write a song every day of April 2020, to that point in a horoscope reading she was told “feelings are not facts” and as she dove into the depth and meaning of this statement so came the song.

The topic itself being a very deep and philosophical idea with many ways to approach it the artist had a tough job of creating a song and even just coming to an answer herself but the end result came out amazing.

The song is a great success, behind driving drums, rushing guitar and melodic and heartfelt lyrics Bex creates a great dive into our inner issues and how we should tackle them. Not only that but she does so in an incredibly relatable manner. We’ve all been mad or harboured negative feelings knowing that we shouldn’t feel this way. But by their very definition feelings don’t always follow a logical thought process and that’s what makes this such a thought provoking topic. Do we trust what we feel and should we even if objective thinking tells us differently? Who knows, but what I do know is that Bex delivers a unique and insightful look into this idea.

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