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Johnny Nocash & Gord Wilson Release DIY Single Burn It To The Ground

Johnny Nocash & Gord Wilson Release DIY Single Burn It To The Ground

Johnny Nocash and Gord Wilson recently collaborated to bring us the new single “Burn It To The Ground”. In true DIY fashion, the two wrote and recorded the dark and dusty song over the course of an afternoon, in Gords living room. There something about this song that just feels so real, the unproduced and raw track was made for a love of outlaw country and is an incredible example of the creative juices that can flow between artists who share a passion . In true rock n roll fashion, Death Country pioneer Johnny Nocash recently left the city of Toronto and is currently living in his van, writing and recording music and a podcast along his travels. The two met up at Wilson’s home in BC, and after an afternoon of “smokin, drinkin’, bullshitting and jamming” we’re left with this gem. This is Burn It To The Ground by Johnny Nocash & Gord Wilson, give it a listen and ask yourself

“Should I still go on or burn it to the ground?”



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