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Neon Jesus Releases EDM & Blues Fused Red Lips

Neon Jesus Releases EDM & Blues Fused Red Lips

Canadian recording artist Neon Jesus has recently released his latest single “Red Lips”. The song fuses blues inspired guitar with the relentless pulse of edm. Neon Jesus ties them together to make a wonderfully fresh pairing that might tickle a worm in your ear that you didn’t even know was there. Driven by a heavy kick drum, Neon Jesus colors “Red Lips” with juicy guitar lines, as he distills the track down to the essence of both genres he so brilliantly fuses together. Shot on Super 8 film against the backdrop of New York City, the track’s grainy music video helps to highlight the song’s sinister undertones.

 “With the video, we were trying to capture the sensation where love slips into obsession followed by a sudden darkness, where only the Lord can save you from its clutches,” Neon Jesus says.

 The idea to blend the two genres came to him while he was attending shows and living in New York City, where he noticed a difference in the reaction that the two genres received.  

 “I’d be out at a rock show and while people were attentive and taking everything in, the crowd’s reaction was rather lackluster, even amid great artists before them,” Neon Jesus says. “But then I’d head to a rave in Brooklyn and it struck me that people there were uninhibited and just generally more invested in what they were listening to. That was when I started to wonder what would happen if someone were to bring the two genres together.”

 Neon Jesus’ unique approach caught the attention of Abe Duque, a Deep House Pioneer, who helped him to create a live sound of synthesizers and drum machines with Neon Jesus on guitar. Their performances blurred the boundaries between blues and electronic music as they played off one another in the same improvisational spirit as two jazz titans one-upping each other on stage. This exciting new sound spread from New York around the world, and shortly after Neon Jesus was invited to be the first artist to play electric guitar at Berlin’s legendary house of techno, Berghain. 

 “When you look back at artists like Prince or Jimi Hendrix, the blues was at the heart of their sound,” he declares. For some, this may seem a bit odd. The blues label doesn’t easily stick to them. Rather than mimic what came before them, they took the soul of blues and roots music and grew their own branches from the same tree. That’s the impetus behind my exploration of mixing blues and rock guitar with electronic music. I’m growing my personal branch on that tree”.



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