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Queens & Kings Roll The Dice With Their New Single “Testify”

Queens & Kings Roll The Dice With Their New Single “Testify”

Queens & Kings are determined to live their lives with conviction and sheer brute force as the two powerfully declare in their 4th single release, “Testify”. The dynamic rock duo made up of Alissa Klug (drums / vocals) and Brendan Albert (guitar / vocals) began this project in 2017 after almost a decade of having known each other. After many years in the music industry working on their own solo and various other projects, they decided to join forces and start this band out of sheer rebellion, a project that would be first and foremost for themselves. It would a do-or die, full-throttle leap towards their vision, that would never bend or fold, never be compromised.

The lyrics of “Testify” echo this sentiment. As Alissa expounds “There is just no point in living your life to be someone else, or say the things that have already been said. We all have our own unique purpose in life and we should seek to find our own voices that are unique to ourselves. If time and mortality gifts us anything, it is the impending urgency to seek that purpose and go after it with our entire being. Forget about the social constructs that aim to restrain us from reaching our goals. Life is NOT short. We make it that way when we fall prey to arbitrary time limits. Go after your dreams and what you believe in until the day you die. This is what gives our lives meaning and purpose. What else are we here for, really? We just need to find our true passion in life and go after it with all we’ve got. We can’t control the world around us. We can just play our hands, roll the dice, and find ways to continue to work with whatever life hands us.”

The single comes in advance of the official music video, which is coming August 11th!

“We shot in two locations, the first we did with you and the second we just rented a bunch of lights and a good room at the Rehearsal Factory (when it was still that) and filmed it ourselves as we wanted to incorporate some footage of us playing the song. I first took on the video editing and but we decided to make it a co-edit in the end.

The song is about just throwing everything you’ve got into this life and taking chances because what else are we here for than to fulfill our purpose on this earth. Life is always a gamble and we wanted to choose a location that really reflected those gambling metaphors and was just a little surreal and different. – Alissa Klug

Below is a never before seen screenshot from the video, can you figure out where it was shot? Keep your eyes peeled for the release on August 11 to find out!



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