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Release Day Ep 8 – Stephen Stanley

Release Day Ep 8 – Stephen Stanley

I could only imagine how different it was to be a band in the music business during the 90s – the costs of any kind of professional production were astronomical, you could only be discovered in a bar or on the radio, and it was one of the last decades before producing music became less of a studio prerequisite, and more of a bedroom expectation. 

Stephen Stanley spent his teenage years as an usher within the hallowed walls of Massey Hall. Suffice to say, his musical influences are vast, and his connection to some of the biggest names in music history goes back to the existence of Yorkville’s thriving music scene of the 1960s.

What started in the 90s as a founding member of Canadian Alt-Rock band The Lowest of the Low has evolved through decades of writing, touring, performing, before settling in right where he belongs – with The Stephen Stanley Band.

Like many of us, Stephen had to make major adjustments to his plans for 2020. 

In episode 8 of Release Day, Alex Huard talks with Stephen about taking advantage of golden opportunities, staying creative and releasing music we might not have heard thanks to the pandemic – like the charm and character that his latest live album recorded in Germany back in 2018; The Stephen Stanley Band: Live Static Roots.

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