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Next Up… Across Canada – Two creators hit the road to find the hidden gems of Canadian independent music

Next Up… Across Canada – Two creators hit the road to find the hidden gems of Canadian independent music

It’s a long journey across the second largest country in the world. With an incredible amount to take in. Next Up Across Canada is a 90-minute documentary that features two music-inspired filmmakers, Benjamin and Nik, of Dropout Entertainment heading out from Toronto to Vancouver by car with the intention of finding the most ‘successful’ independent Canadian music artists and this country;s hidden gems and finding out tha answers to “What drives you to make music? What is your goal? Do you think you’re successful? Were there times you were about to give up? What comes first – fame and fortune or independence and art?”. Ultimately, we want to leave the audience thinking of what is most important – to use “formulas” to become successful or to simply to dream and follow your heart.

The team will document their travel, the Canadian cities they visit, their trials and the talent they meet and discover along the way. In an effort to make it to Vancouver, Canada by a certain date to meet and record a live performance with one of Canada’s biggest new talents, the team will have little time to make the trip and capture as much awesome talent as they can. Producer Jesse Read and Founder of Dropout Entertainment has toured across Canada with his own independent band a number of times and will help the team find the best local acts at every stop of their journey.

If you are an artist who would be interested in being part of the film or know someone who might, email us at or use the form below. You can also support this project through our Indiegogo campaign. All funds received for this project will go toward the production costs associated with basic travel. All production equipment will be provided by Toronto Creatives. Check out the list of perks you get by supporting this film and Canadian independent music artists below!

Artist Submission

13 + 15 =

Stops may include but are not limited to


  • 12-13 Owen Sound
  • 13-14 Manitoulin Island/Sudbury
  • 15-17 Sault St. Marie
  • 17-19 Thunder Bay
  • 19-21 Winnipeg
  • 22-24 Melville/Regina
  • 24-26 Saskatoon
  • 26-28 Edmonton
  • 29-1 Calgary


  • 1-2 Banff
  • 2-3 Jasper
  • 3-4 Blue River/Avola
  • 4-6 Kamloops
  • 7-11 Vancouver



About The Author

Jesse Read

Jesse Read is a videographer, writer and editor for Dropout Entertainment. As a musician as well as a videographer, Jesse has travelled the country numerous times, playing alongside and listening to the stories of hundreds of artists. A few of those are documented on this site. For video's, interviews & features follow the contact us tab!

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