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Toronto’s Elton Rohn @ Capital Theatre (Review & T-Shirt Giveaway)

Toronto’s Elton Rohn @ Capital Theatre (Review & T-Shirt Giveaway)

Hi all. Today I was listening to the radio, mainly for the music, as one does. However, while listening the news came on. They were talking about a 6 th covid wave and covid hotspots around where I live. My first thoughts were ‘Does this mean another lockdown? well I certainly hope not.’ Then I thought about the concert I attended some weeks ago with my wife Vanessa and our friends Minnie, Glen, Jodie, and Ron. We all went to watch Elton Rohn, yes you guessed it, it’s an Elton John cover band. Even with the news of another Covid wave, I was glad to be able to get out and watch live music again.

Elton Rohn was the first concert we’d attended this year (2022). Even though Elton Rohn was from Toronto, I didn’t want to make this a work project. So, we paid for our tickets and we all just sat back, enjoyed the show, and sang along to some great Elton tunes. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t help myself, and took some photos with my phone.

The concert was held at the Capital Theatre in Chatham Kent, Ontario. I must admit, the band and Rohn were on key, captivating the audience. Unfortunately, the sound guy took a few songs to get the sound perfect, but the bands professional performance didn’t make it an issue. This showed just how good the band is having travelled to over 300 theatre and festival venues in Canada and the US. One thing I did find impressive was how Elton Rohn displayed art and photos on the big screen from his fans, mentioned them by name, and gave them the accreditation they deserved. I have never seen this from a band before while on stage. Well done Elton for recognizing your fan base!

I reached out to Elton Rohn a few days after the show. I asked if it would be okay to write about the show. Being so engaged with his fans and supporters, he was more than happy for me to do so. He even offered a couple of T-shirts for us to give to our followers. Being that this all took place in Chatham, I would like to offer these T-Shirts for the first 2 people that live in the Chatham-Kent area to PM or email me at

I would suggest that you check Elton Rohn’s and Dropout Entertainment’s social pages and get out and see some local bands and musicians in your area. We hope to get out and support more live music while we can. I would like to suggest others do the same, just in case we are forced into another lockdown, so that we can continue to support our live music venues, bands and musicians.

Special thanks to this special band Elton Rohn!

Review by: Baz Foye
Photo by: Baz Foye.



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