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Toxic Earthlings Release Break The Mold

Toxic Earthlings Release Break The Mold

Toxic Earthlings have just released their latest single Break The Mold and if you’re into grunge and songs about making the world around us a better place, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Toxic Earthlings is a project with a pretty serious mission and was created with the intention to spark self-awareness of our negative impacts on the planet and society.

“Existing in these fragile times we keep repeating the mistakes of our past. It feels as if we’re reaching a boiling point. With climate change progressing at an alarming rate and wards still being waged, fuelled by our old corrupt systems. It seems we still prioritize the dollar over ourselves and the environment”

Accompanied by an animated lyric video, Break The Mold harnesses the nostalgic 90’s grunge and riff rock sounds and serves as a reminder to not always choose the easiest options presented to us, but instead to break the mold of the old ways and make a new path for future generations, a message that I think might be more important than ever in these crazy times we’re living in. Written and produced by Ryan Schurman, the track starts off with some crunchy guitars and once the drums build up and settle in, the song takes you into a really cool groove before packing a punch with it’s message, with lyrics like “Mother Nature chokes on your sick joke.” The sound reminds me of bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains with a modern twist. I think the world needs more bands like Toxic Earthlings, projects that set out to not only make kick ass music but that start conversations and get fans fired up about making the world we live in a better place than it is today. Click below to watch the lyric video for Break The Mold by Toxic Earthlings.



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