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Marshall Potts Releases Fiery New Music Video for The Storm

Marshall Potts Releases Fiery New Music Video for The Storm

Kamloops, BC – Marshall Potts is a musician based in a remote part of Western Canada. His music is inspired by a new way of thinking about the world. Marshall Potts wants to inspire people into a higher level of self-awareness, kindness and empathy, through his art. Potts has just released the music video for the title track of his new album The Storm. The video, which features overwhelming visuals and the powerful lyrics has received acclaim from the artists fans and critics alike. The song is currently receiving substantial airplay in the UK and the artist expects the video only to add to the song’s success. 

The Storm music video is truly a Canadian piece of art, half of it filmed outside of Kamloops, BC on the artists remote mountain ranch, and half in Montreal, QB on stage at Potts’ concert at the Leonardo De Vinci Centre back in October 2022. A packed house and the energy Potts delivers at his performance, as shown in the video are second to none. While the performance plays out we are treated to an epic fire-lit performance produced on the artist’s ranch in the remote BC wilderness. Filmed by the artist and his partner, Jo-Anne Beharrell.

Produced by the Toronto based video production team, Toronto Creatives ( the video itself has seen more of Canada than most Canadians. Directed by Nik Varlamov and Benjamin Gibson (yes me) the live performance in Montreal was filmed on stage at the Leonardo De Vinci Centre, and brought back to Toronto to cut with the fire scene already produced. During our time with Potts we got a chance to get to know the artist and understand more of his positive message.

The Storm album and the single explore powerful themes about the way we live our lives and encourage all people to express and embrace positivity even in times of turmoil and suffering. Life moves forward and things get better, but you have to want it. The Storm album is available on all major streaming platforms. Look forward to more from Marshall Potts as his journey in music is just getting started.



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Benjamin is a Graphic Designer and Creative Director in Toronto, Canada. He has worked on projects for Arkells, Broken Social Scene, and Paul Oakenfold. instagram: @ben_in_toronto

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