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Bleeker – Disaster (New Video)

Bleeker – Disaster (New Video)

Have you seen Bleekers new video? If not, you’re missing out so click above! It’s a beautifully haunting song about the “disaster” that we call life. Disaster is the latest single off their upcoming album “Self Made” and if this is any indication of what the albums going to sound like, I can’t wait. The album is currently avaible for pre-order if you’re feeling the same way.

This new rock ballad comes at a time where the world really seems like a mess and delivers the message that we need to keep moving . The song gives the listeners an array of emotional highs and lows, not just through the lyrics but through the abrupt musical changes in the song. Maybe it’s just me, but I was almost overwhelmed emotionally the first time I listened to it, everything about it just sucks you in and makes you feel some kind of way. To keep up with what else the band has coming in 2020 visit

“They say that life is a riddle
No man, it’s much more simple
It’s a bastard, a fucking disaster”



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