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Saskatoon Alt-Rock Band Autopilot Releases New Single “Yesterday”

Saskatoon Alt-Rock Band Autopilot Releases New Single “Yesterday”

Autopilot, the hard touring Canadian alt-rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, continues to captivate audiences on both sides of the border with their distinct fusion of alt-rock and alternative pop, drawing inspiration from musical luminaries such as The Killers, The War on Drugs, and The Strokes.

The band’s latest offering, “Yesterday,” promises to deliver another dose of their signature sound, characterized by catchy choruses, soaring guitars, and driving drums. Building upon the momentum generated by their previous releases, “Yesterday” is poised to further solidify Autopilot’s position as one of the most exciting acts in the country.

Marlon Harder,the lead singer of the band, had this to say about their upcoming single: “ ‘Yesterday’ came from a place of nostalgia after finding a box of old home movies in my parents’ basement. I was thinking about the old memories we often get tangled up in. When I put the tapes in the VCR, the lines on the screen made me think about how the person filming it had no idea how far those moments would actually travel. Sometimes yesterday is perfectly preserved and other times there’s no looking back.”

Autopilot will once again return to Canadian Music with their showcase at Bar Cathedral on Wednesday June 7th at 7PM. After that they will be completing their latest album and touring relentlessly across North America.



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