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Moondoggy Live @ The El Mocambo (Photoset)

Moondoggy Live @ The El Mocambo (Photoset)

Moondoggy is a 5 piece band from Collingwood, Ontario, now loctaed in Toronto, Ontario Canada comprised of members Jakob Matanowitsch (vocals), Jonathan “Jonny” Contini (lead guitar), Nick Wyant (bass) with recent additions, Ben Matanowitsch (saxophone) and Victor Carillo (drums). The band got their start in the summer of 2018, playing cover shows and writing throughout the summer. Around this time they wrote their first song “Sweet to Me”, which ended up being their debut single. They followed their debut release with subsequent singles “Better on Your Own” and “Loose Tooth”. In March of 2021, Moondoggy released their debut self-titled EP, “Moondoggy” which featured five new songs, all of which were written, recorded and released during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the band, this meant working on completing songs remotely which was challenging to say the least. Despite these challenges, the group managed to produce five songs which showcase their style, writing ability and versatility. Moondoggy has been writing new material since their most recent release “Lucy, Do You See?”. Released work is included in Moondoggy’s live performance, amongst unreleased music that the band is excited to eventually share with its listeners.



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