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Tyler del Pino releases upbeat new single “Middle of Nowhere”

Tyler del Pino releases upbeat new single “Middle of Nowhere”

Middle of Nowhere is a mesmerizing anthem capturing the essence of feeling trapped in a stagnant existence, but it’s more than just a song—it’s a beacon of hope. With its irresistible blend of folk and country, intertwined with pulsating EDM beats, this enchanting track guides you on a journey of self-discovery, urging you to break free from the chaos and forge your own path.

This is the second single from Tyler Del Pino’s upcoming album “Out Of A Clear Blue Sky” (Jan 2024). Each song will be released 6 weeks apart building anticipation for the 7-song record. The official music video for “Middle of Nowhere” will come out a week following the song’s digital release. Live studio sessions of his 9-piece big band Tyler Del Pino & The Brasstronautz will be released as video and audio content to keep audiences engaged throughout the release cycle. Del Pino just completed a 3 week tour throughout July to support his single releases and build anticipation for his upcoming album. 
Winnipeg’s Tyler Del Pino has always had one foot in, and one foot out of country, and there’s nothing like his sophomore EP, In The End (2021), that truly challenges the concept of genre and delivers his one-of-a-kind brand of “Canadiana.” Del Pino has a pure passion for songwriting and an honest sound infused with starry-eyed narratives; a hybrid of alt-country, Americana, and East Coast folk-rock that stays true to the roots of timeless tunes. File him beside James Taylor for his classic songwriting, Sam Roberts for his roughed up Canadiana style, Mumford and Sons for their anthemic sing-alongs, and Strumbellas for their thoughtful themes and rosy melodies, born and bred in Canada. Backed by his new band The Brasstronautz, audiences will leave with earworms in their heads and hearts full of optimism. 

Del Pino’s most recent single Patchwork was released in January 2022, with its captivating music video reaching over 100,000 views in its first month. He is set to release his next EP touching down Winter 2024 with the first single released at the end of June.



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