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Kandle Releases Tarantino-Inspired Music Video For New Single “Danger to Dream”

Kandle Releases Tarantino-Inspired Music Video For New Single “Danger to Dream”

Montreal music industry vet Kandle’s forthcoming new album (due out later this year) is a crescendo of all her years immersed in music and an intimate knowledge of the many ways this industry, this world, can break your body and heart. Kandle is now sharing “Danger to Dream,” the latest single ahead of her LP’s release, alongside an official music video directed for 18 hours by Lauren Graham while she was breastfeeding her new baby.

“Danger to Dream” is a tale of trying to wake up from the trance of unworthiness. Of the voices in our heads telling us we should be more, have more. A constant comparison of ourselves to the influences we consume and how inadequate they can make us feel.

In support of International Women’s Day (Friday March 8th), Kandle also wishes to bring attention to National Endometriosis Awareness Month and Women’s History Month this March. Being a self-produced, independent female artist suffering from this incurable extremely painful disease (impacting 1 in 7 women!), Kandle hopes to use her voice and platform to help others feel less alone and like they are safe and understood.



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