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ENCEPHALON have shared a brand new single, along with their first ever full production music video! The Ottawa, ON cyberpunk band has been teasing new music ahead through their channels for a while now, and today, we are served up a fresh taste with ‘Last Day At The Institute’ – available everywhere now via Artoffact Records.

On the new song, the band comments “Last Day At The Institute is the opening track from the new heavy cyberpunk concept album ‘Automaton All Along’. Mechanical rhythms and a militant synthetic bassline are the backdrop to a tortured narration of humanities final days and a last ditch effort to preserve a legacy through synthetic life.”

Reflecting on the video, the band shares “We are pleased to release our first ever music video ‘Last Day At The Institute’ which was created by Musician / Author / Videographer / Multimedia artist Cory Gorski. Cory has continuously impressed me with his various projects starting with his band VOLT 9000, then his stop motion children’s show, his book on VHS collecting etc., but it was his video work for Bill Leeb and cEvin Key’s band Cyberaktif that made me realize we finally need to work together.”

Stay tuned in the days to come – there will be a b-side released this coming Tuesday along with a vizualizer!

Formed in Ottawa, Ontario, Encephalon emerged from the heart of Canada’s cyberpunk music scene in 2005 – blending dark electro, EBM, and industrial rock into a distinctive sonic tapestry that pulses with a cybernetic heartbeat. In the decades since, the band (led by Matt Gifford and Alis Device) have carved out a distinct reputation for their intense, futuristic soundscapes and thought-provoking lyrical themes.

Drawing inspiration from dystopian visions and the rapid evolution of technology, Encephalon explores themes of artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and societal upheaval in the digital age. Their music is characterized by aggressive beats, ethereal synth melodies, and a blend of gritty industrial textures that reflect a world where humanity and technology intersect in profound and sometimes unsettling ways.

Encephalon captivates listeners with their ability to create immersive sonic landscapes that resonate on both emotional and cerebral levels. Their compositions, fueled by a desire to confront the complexities of modern existence, invite audiences to ponder the implications of rapid technological advancement and its impact on human identity.

As Encephalon continues to evolve and push the boundaries of their sound, their impact on the cyberpunk movement and electronic music as a whole remains profound. Their commitment to storytelling and exploration within the digital realm invites listeners to contemplate the evolving relationship between humanity and technology, making them a vital voice in the exploration of our cybernetic future.



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