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Young Troubadour Emmett Jerome Captivates with Melancholic Single “Willow Rose” Out on 604 Records

Young Troubadour Emmett Jerome Captivates with Melancholic Single “Willow Rose” Out on 604 Records

One of the most exciting young musicians to come out of Western Canada, Emmett Jerome has established himself as a captivating performer with a world weary voice wise beyond his years. Rooted in the old school, troubadour tradition, he has traveled coast to coast, chasing songs and soaking up stories along the way. With a bluesman’s heart and a traveler’s soul, Emmett welcomes listeners into a world where tradition and youth collide.

Following his debut single, “Goodbye Trouble,” he shares “Willow Rose,” a new glimpse into his Rocky Mountain Son album, set for release later this year via 604 Records. 

“I was headed back to Nashville from Glasgow, KY when I chanced upon a stranger in an old bar. She bought me a whiskey and we ended up talking the night away. Her name was Willow Rose and her melancholic, yet beautiful story moved me deeply; I wrote this song as a homage to her by the end of the night. More than just a portrait of one experience, this is a a statement on the power of human connection, especially the bonds people make as they go through painful periods of their lives.”

“I write about what I see and experience as I move through life. Songs like ‘Willow Rose’ and ‘Goodbye Trouble’ were written to help me work through intense emotions to do with experiences I’d had with people. I love these songs because they are time capsules into unique periods of my life, embodying the people I was with and the places that I found myself in,” – Emmett Jerome



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