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Old James Release Live Video for Master Imploder

Old James Release Live Video for Master Imploder

Canadian power-trio Old James​ are gearing up for the launch of their debut album Speak Volumes and we’re pretty damn excited to hear it! In the mean time the band has released a live video for one of the tracks off the upcoming album, Master Imploder. Check it out!

You wave your hand, your magic black
A bleak Eternity
First choice the wisest one
Bad for you not me
Under the harvest moon, You preach integrity
The hardest thing for you
Is true sincerity
Self Righteous is your wicked hand
Not a finger you will lift
For anyone else, but for yourself
You will fully give
The smoke is clearing out
The mirrors start to break
Your truest colors shown
A truth you cannot shake

A truth you cannot shake, My will you’ll never break
Oh no, so dont you ever try

Less above than so below Your feet dont touch the ground
A charmer of 3 headed snakes,
weakness is your sound
You rise out from the ash
to take just what you will
In dark, I am your Devil, son…You ain’t got no deal.



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