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Electric Island – Video Recap

Video recap of Electric Island on Toronto Island! The festival featured Green Velvet, Shiba San, Archie Hamilton, Noah Pred, Sydney Blu, Gregg Gow and plenty of other amazing electronic artists. The festival had a great turn out and was packed with enticing music, from the early hours of the afternoon right into the night. The forecast was calling for rain, but festival goers were lucky to have only been rained for a total of about five minutes and that didn’t seem to ruin anybodies fun… now that I think about it I don’t I saw a single fan without a smile on their face the whole time. The show has headlined by Green Velvet, and by the time his set came around, the crowd looked like they couldn’t be having a better time as they all danced in unison, waiting for the next drop and to hear what new sounds were around the corner. dThe season finale of Electric is approaching this long weekend (Sept 2nd & 3rd) featuring Loco Dice, Charlotte De Witte, Nicole Moubader, Lane 7, Nitin, Nature of Music, Rodriguez Jr., The Fitness & Pony and more. Head over to for tickets and more info on the show.



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Jesse Read is a videographer, writer and editor for Dropout Entertainment. As a musician as well as a videographer, Jesse has travelled the country numerous times, playing alongside and listening to the stories of hundreds of artists. A few of those are documented on this site. For video's, interviews & features follow the contact us tab!

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