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The Lost Angelos release new video for “Lately”

The Lost Angelos release new video for “Lately”

If you like old school rock n’ roll, you’re gonna love this. The Lost Angelos, a rock band from Waterdown Ontario, have just released their debut album “Lately” and the title track comes with a kick ass video. The track itself is killer, but the official video, which features exclusively vintage and home footage from between 1958 and 1977 is the cherry on top. The video was cut by drummer Ryan Gaynor, who told us it took him over 150 hours of editing (now that’s some dedication!). When asked about the inspiration behind the video, Ryan responded

“I’ve always visualized “Lately” as a song that would pair well with film. There’s just something about that warm, fuzzy film look that I’ve always admired. When I decided to make the video it basically just boiled down to finding the right footage and taking the time to string it all together. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a website (called Prelinger Archives) which offered an amazing collection of free public domain footage. Its hard to pin-point one source of inspiration, but nostalgia is definitely a central theme of the song and the video. Groups like The Sheepdogs have done similar videos in the past, which definitely inspired me to create a version of our own.”



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