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Callistan illuminates 0Stella’s fiery declaration of imperfection IN REMIX

Callistan illuminates 0Stella’s fiery declaration of imperfection IN REMIX
0Stella is a music project by Edmonton based, Irish-Canadian artist Liz Pomeroy. Callistan is an Irish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer. Together they are releasing 0Stellas single Fire, from her 2019 EP Little Yes, Little Know, as an infectious high-energy dance track. 0Stella writes ruthlessly authentic alt-rock tunes that incorporate elements of traditional Irish music creating a powerful and often moving sound. Fire was released by 0Stella earlier this year and, and yes, it’s already a great track prior to its ‘dancification’ by Callistan. When Pomeroy describes the track she calls it a “brazen declaration of your own imperfections” and recalls when writing the track she was drawing from her own experience and her struggle to find her own identity.
“I’ve always loved Callistan’s energy and outlook on the world. We’ve both struggled with identity – he as a trans man and me as an Irish immigrant and dealing with stereotypes of drinking that come along with that. I had difficulty detaching myself from it. While ‘Fire’ touches on the darker side of substance abuse, Callistan’s treatment gives that brazen song a sense of self-forgiveness that transforms it into a dance anthem.”
Callistan is an Irish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer. A previous member of a number of indie bands, most recently that of ELM who showcased at Canadian Music Week and closed the show at the Canadian Live Music Industry Awards.

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The two met in 2005 when 0Stella joined House of Cosy Cushions, a band that happened to be the first band Callistan signed to his label, SeaDog Records.
“I love the origins of the song; a “declaration of imperfection”. Everyone has their own struggle with that. As a Trans man, I’ve struggled silently for most of my life with that. I try to remind myself constantly that imperfection is something that can be prized.”, says Callistan about reimagining the song Fire, he goes on to say “It can be what gives us empathy or keeps us human. In that sense, I feel that the reimagining of the song celebrates the imperfection we all feel and brings us a bit closer in doing so” “When Callistan and I reconnected and discovered so many similarities in our stories, it felt right to reimagine ‘Fire’ in a lighter, more upbeat way.” says Pomeroy “It takes courage to find out who you are. The process can be messy and ugly, so you might as well lighten up and have a dance” she continues with a smile.
Celebrating our imperfections isn’t always an easy task, that said some imperfections aren’t even imperfections, rather they are just the precursor to change and self-improvement. There’s likely nothing close to real perfection when it comes right down it, but for better or for worse it’s something we always seem to strive for. Like a remixed song though, perfection is subjective and everyone sees it in their own way and has an interpretation of what it looks like. Check out the remix of Fire below – and tune in Monday for our interview with 0Stella and Callistan.



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