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Down To The River – Alex Leggett (New Single)

Down To The River – Alex Leggett (New Single)

Hamilton folk singer & songwriter Alex Leggett just released an indignant new track titled Down To The River and the first time I heard it, it sent a shiver right down my spine. Not only does the song pack a pretty powerful punch through it’s lyrics, the combination of those ominous guitar & drums mixed with the haunting harmonizations really makes this new song an experience to listen to. I can really see this song being in the background of a movie scene. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Leggett said

“Down to the River was initially my anti-Trump song, but is really targeted at anyone who is racist, sexist, xenophobic, and a conspiracy theorist. It’s an anthem for those of use who are tired of the belligerent few that are perpetuating fear and hatred. The main hook is about holding someone under water, like a baptism, until they come to reason. Probably won’t happen, so it’s essentially drowning. I don’t usually get too dark with my material, but the timing feels right to get this out into the world. Just a giant “fuck off” to those who thrive on the divide.” 

The single is off Leggett’s upcoming album, veraciously titled “What a Year so Far” (a statement we can all relate to, no matter how life’s going right now) which is set to come out on October 27th. Click below to listen to the new track, and to find more of Alex Leggett’s music visit



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