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Top 5 “Indie Week” Shows That Will Make You Think About Life

Top 5 “Indie Week” Shows That Will Make You Think About Life

So it’s just after Halloween and it’s getting colder out. So we should definitely have a indie music festival. Seems legit. I mean I guess that’s a solid decision year round, and the 4am last call is a sweet touch. Toronto is notoriously responsible after all…

If you haven’t guessed we’re checking out Indie Week in Toronto next week and here’s our short list of the top five acts we want to try and hit up to check out live. Indie Week starts on November 6 and goes until November 11th. It features 4am last calls at Toronto’s most notorious rock bars and clubs that are taking part. 

  1. Start at Baby G Wednesday November 7 at 9pm and check out Parasona and Phantom Atlantic, both are really great listens. Parasona is perfect for this time of year too, he’s got that Canadian lumberjack hipster style that’s super awesome. Phantom Atlantic is a little more on the sad face side but a really beautiful sound, well worth a visit.


2. If you’re looking for a harder sound, maybe a little bit more appropriate for the Halloween season… maybe a band with one of the best. Band. Names. Ever.  I have a weakness for totally ridiculous names – check out Kill No Albatross at Bovine Sex Club.

3. Back on the fun train! My buddy told me about The Fallaways and I had ignored him completely until researching this article. Now they are on my list of bands I for sure need to check out. These guys got a solid melody driven rock sounds ala Strokes or Vines. Should be great energy live! The Fallaways are playing on Wednesday and Thursday at Cherry Colas and The Bovine Sex Club and again on Friday at The Hideout.

4. Another band I found while researching this article that’s totally sparked my interest is The Falling. These guys have evolved from straight up angry AF metal to a pretty fun? More sophisticated? Just a generally more interesting sound. Worth a listen. Maybe avoid the album with the reaper on it… at first. The Falling is at Cameron House on Friday night. CORRECTION: As much as we try to be on point with our information, we unfortunately lumped the Montreal indie band “The Falling” in with and American metal band with the same name. Sorry about that. These guys didn’t “evolve from angry AF metal” they where never angry in the first place!

5. I’m really excited about this one… King of Foxes sounds a little like Metric but with the right medication on the first go. They have a really great indie sound – only some bands from these lists make it into my regular playlist. King of Foxes has officially been inducted; also they are performing on Friday at Cherry Cola’s.

For more information on Indie Week in Toronto check out their website at



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