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The Departure by JETSET (New Debut EP)

The Departure by JETSET (New Debut EP)

Toronto’s JETSET has just released his debut EP “The Departure”. The project was produced by JETSET as well as producers Savilion, Chiveer, Kyllo, Bodi & Augustus Green. This makes for an interesting listen, as each of the eight tracks has it’s own unique style to it. We interviewed JETSET last year, when he had just released the first track of this album “Young” with producer Savillion. He told us it defined the point he was at in his life and was musically inspired by Mac Miller. He said the track was about being about being yourself, being happy with where you’re at in life and pushing the limits of you want to and can do. It’s interesting to listen to the whole album now that’s it out. You can listen to JETSET’s new EP, “The Departure” below and check out the interview in the video underneath!

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