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Dropout’s Best of 2018

Dropout’s Best of 2018

2018 was an amazing year for Dropout Entertainment. We had the opportunity to get bands from all over this country in front of tens of thousands of new ears and eyes, which has been the goal from the start. We had the opportunity to shoot artists we love like Yukon Blonde, The Barenaked Ladies, Sumo Cyco, Sam & The Dirty Nil, cover great festivals like CMW, Indie Week, NXNE & Electric Island and interview some amazing artists including Binge Ninja, Sebastian Olzanski, Caroline Colantonio, Hormoans & Sydney Blu. As you can see from that list, things are growing here at Dropout and we’re getting more and more opportunities to share music from so many spectrums of this countries vast collection with you. Thanks to you (yes you) we’ve had such good traction this year that 2019 is going to be huge. We’ve got some big surprises in store and can’t wait to bring more Canadian music into more lives. That being said, here are a few of our favourite memories from 2018!

One more thing (so important it gets it’s own section) that we accomplished this year was creating Dropout’s inaugural Canadian Independent Music Video Awards. This country has never had anything like this so we stepped in, and it’s larger than we could have imagined when we started. This country has been so supportive of Canadian musicians, artists & film makers it’s been overwhelming. We’re so grateful for everyone’s involvement, this can only grow from here. Cheers Canada, see you in 2019!



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Jesse Read

Jesse Read is a videographer, writer and editor for Dropout Entertainment. As a musician as well as a videographer, Jesse has travelled the country numerous times, playing alongside and listening to the stories of hundreds of artists. A few of those are documented on this site. For video's, interviews & features follow the contact us tab!

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