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Run The Wrong Way by Howlin’ Circus (New Album)

Run The Wrong Way by Howlin’ Circus (New Album)

Over the weekend British Columbian rock band Howlin’ Circus released a new album and if you’re into dirty blues/garage rock with a message you definitely need to give this a spin. Realistically even if you’re not into that, you should still give this album a listen. The 11 song release takes you on a rock n roll journey, seamlessly blending classic rock sounds with blues and garage rock tones, it starts off acoustically with Refugee Road, but as soon as that kick drum comes in behind singer/guitarist Jafar Sandouks voice, you start to get a taste of what you’re in for. The album seems to build up and ends on the epic track hold your own, which is a great example of the trio’s diversity when it comes to songwriting. You can listen to the whole album on your favourite platforms here

Howlin’ Circus took the hard road to Run The Wrong Way. Leaving the UK immediately after Brexit they set to work on their debut album in Toronto bringing a sense of urgency and soul searching into the recording process. Recorded in an old church in a remote part of Ontario, Run The Wrong Way captures the vulnerability, the anger and desire needed to produce a memorable rock and roll debut.

Run The Wrong Way encapsulates the divisive times we live in and the disconnect felt in our communities.

“It’s about defying the expectations and noise that surrounds all of us. What we’ve made is something pure that hopefully cuts through the divide and lights a fire to bring us all back together,” Sandouk said.

Sandouk started working on the title track just days after the Brexit vote when he left his hometown of London, England and decided to move to Toronto, Canada. “I just felt this need to get out,” he said. “When you can’t trust in the people you were mean to it’s probably best to follow your own heart, even if it means that you’ve got to run the wrong way.”

Released through British indie label Big Sister Records, the album was mixed by renowned Canadian producer Brian Moncarz (Our Lady Peace, Moneen, The Trews), and was mastered by Joao Carvalho. 



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