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Your Paris Release New Single “About Love”

Your Paris Release New Single “About Love”

Your Paris Release New Single About Love

Your Paris is two indie-pop artists – Nick Babcock and Laila Kharouba – from Kingston and Toronto ON, respectively. The band hopes they are your new favourite pop duo. In fairness, they probably have a pretty good chance at being that. The band’s new song About Love premieres today and it’s a solid heartbreak song, ready to make you feel better just in time. You can check it out below. The song is available on all major streaming platforms and it’s the perfect company on a cool night alone or a warm one with a friend.

The pair has seen some success with previous singles, The Internet and Who’s Gonna Love You – both of which are beautiful tracks worth checking out. In both cases, the tracks have a familiar sort-of pop music feel, but with just a little more creativity in the execution, maybe a little more love in the recipe? The band writes and presents their music often as duets which make for an interesting ‘pop-love-song’ dynamic, and the harmonies just make it really nice music to chill on.

Your Paris’ new song About Love is a great track that has all the hallmarks of a heartbreak song, with the essence of a hopeful love song. It’s pop music at its best because it’s genuine. The song is one of the most successful demonstrations of what these two can do with their music together, maybe because they work off each other a bit more in this song than previous singles.

The band calls the song “a reminiscent and reflective call out to an ex-lover”, which is a pretty sweet description. This song is aggressively tender and makes you think of people you wish nothing but the best for, regardless of how much you may or may not see them anymore. You know the ones I mean.

It’s interesting to consider the dynamic of two people creating music as a couple, thankfully I’ll have a chance to ask Your Paris this, and many other fascinating questions of the universe, on this Monday’s New Music at Noon – airing at 12pm EDT Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Dropout Radio/New Music Mondays Podcast.

About Love by Your Paris is available on all major streaming platforms as of today.



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