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Canadian Music Week: Jesse’s Top Picks

Canadian Music Week: Jesse’s Top Picks

Canadian Music Week is upon us once again and this year there are a lot of amazing shows to choose from. Too many to pick from in fact, but I’ve whittled this down to ten shows that look like they can’t be missed. CMW is an amazing time of the year, fantastic bands from not only all over the country but all over world converge in Toronto and no matter what you’re into, there’s a show somewhere for you in the city. Here are my top picks for CMW 2019! (In no particular order)

Monowhales, Jane’s Party, The Fame, Ferraro, Kassaor & Side Hustle – May 8th @ The Horseshoe Tavern

CeVILAIN, Detest, The 1221, Mitch Belot Band – May 6th @ Cherry Cola’s

Born Ruffians & The Elwins – May 11th @ The Phoenix

Danko Jones, Skye Wallace, The Standstills, Adam Gontier – May 11th @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Black Mountain, The Sick Things, Grown Up Avenger Stuff, Brother Elsey, Did You Die – May 9th @ Lee’s Palace

Merkules, Young Stich, Little Windex, Adrian Dey & Kandy K – May 10th @ Mod Club

Tokyo Police Club & The Dirty Nil – May 10th @ The Phoenix

Nick Waterhouse, A Fellow Ship, Fade Awaays, Paper Shakers, Laurnet Bourque & Goodnight, Sunrise – May 10th @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Kongos, The Darcys, The Man Who, Parker Bossley & Gabrielle Shonk – May 9th @ The Mod Club

Kira Isabella, David James, Nice Horse & Elyse Saunders – May 10th @ Rock N Horse Saloon

The Dandy Warhols & Cosmonauts – May 9th @ Danforth Music Hall



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