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Bon Villan – Wind Up (New Video)

Bon Villan – Wind Up (New Video)

Well this is going to be on repeat all night now. Toronto indie electronic trio Bon Villan have just released a new neon tinged lyric video for their single Wind Up, and it rocks! This song takes the band in a darker direction than fans might be used to hearing from the band and that certainly adds a certain seduction to it. You can really feel the ambience and tension that is built during the first verse, a beautifully ominous vocal line is delivered perfectly over that mysterious and enthralling beat. I was really left wondering what was around the corner, what was going to hit when the chorus came in and, to say the least, I was not dissapointed! It’s great new song with a very eye catching video.

“Wind Up showcases our dive into the darker side of electronic music” says the band.  “The distorted, bass-heavy music and edgy lyrics are contrasted by haunting vocals and the emotional delivery in Jared’s performance. It really feels like a step forward creatively for us. The song’s title is a double entendre about the two most intense moments in relationships. The tension that builds before people first get together, and how relationships very often leave people in the end. It’s these most intense moments, the ones where we feel most alive and awake, that inspired the song”



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