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Toronto Music Project SINTIA’s New Music Video For Dirty Streets

Toronto Music Project SINTIA’s New Music Video For Dirty Streets

Sintia is a new Toronto based ‘music project’ fronted by singer/songwriter Sintia Baba. Baba is backed by Brandon Wall, Alex Lakusta, and Stefan Hegerat. This band – sorry – this music project is doing some great stuff and it’s well worth a listen. When I say they are new, I mean they are brand new. The group dropped their first track earlier this year.

The evolution of the band’s sound developed quickly – I say that with no insights into how they write apart knowing the bulk of the songwriting is done by Baba herself. There’s a complicatedly good sound here, and it’s great to hear it.

Sintia describes their music as “ an amalgamation of dance-pop on the bright side countered by a darker alternative influence”.

The group recently dropped a new video for their single Dirty Streets. It’s a gitty and goes well with the tune. The tune itself is fantastic by the way. The music is well composed and has the occasional hint of a dirty bassline, which is something I like, so bonus points for that.

There are right ways and wrong ways to do guerilla-style music videos during a pandemic, and these guys hit the nail on the head.

Sintia Baba has been on the Toronto scene for some time now appearing with artists like Marlon Chaplin and always steals the show, just a little bit. Her voice is simply awesome and I genuinely hope and expect to hear more from Sintia.



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