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Release Day EP 3 – Mountain Head

Release Day EP 3 – Mountain Head

Welcome to Release Day, an ongoing series where Alex Huard sits down with musicians of all genres to discuss their latest releases from singles to Albums, and their strategy behind releasing it to the world.

 Babe Ruth famously said – “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” Mountain Head emerged in 2019 with nothing but legend surrounding their alluring identity. Since erupting onto Canada’s independent music scene, the Mountain Head brothers – known for their psychedelic/electro pop ear worms – have triggered an avalanche of loyal followers. They’ve even caught the attention and praise from one of the biggest names in HipHop. If you follow the duo, you know they take great pride in their creativity. Their singles only approach has led to eye-catching album art, customized memes, and unique fan engagement campaigns. It defines who they are. Their latest double single release is no different. While an on-going global crisis has left the music world scrambling for ways to stay at the forefront of creative innovation, Mountain Head has embraced it. And you can tell that it has made their lives, and those of their followers, a little less mundane.



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Alex Huard

Alex Huard is a visual storyteller from Whitby, Ontario. From editing and directing music videos, to producing an online docu-series and a full length documentary that was recognized at the 2018 Toronto Independent Film Festival as Best Documentary, Alex is never one to shy away from a creative endeavor.

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