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PASS THE HAT – An Xmas Digital Fundraiser Show Feat. Artists from Across Canada and Ireland

PASS THE HAT – An Xmas Digital Fundraiser Show Feat. Artists from Across Canada and Ireland

Edmonton – Canadian artist 0Stella is teaming up with Irish artist Callistan and  The Groovenor Music Venue to host an international digital fundraiser on December 20, 2020. The event will feature socially distanced independent music artists performing from both Ireland and Canada. In an effort to raise funds to support ‘Inner City Helping Homeless’ in Dublin and Canadian charity ‘Boyle Street Community Services’ in Edmonton. A full list of performing artists as well as ticket information is available online now.

It’s closing in on the Holidays. This will probably be a sad holiday season. I say that for a number of reasons all of which tend to occupy my mind more and more as the date closes in, as I’m sure they do yours. Many of us are not going home as we might usually, because of travel restrictions. Worse, some have been displaced from their homes completely and are trying to survive without the security of a place to call home during a pandemic lockdown. This holiday is probably going to suck, for some more than others. 

While this year has seemed to be a never-ending pile of insanity on all fronts, it was also a year of quiet, persistent creativity, and dare I say even positivity. I think 2020 may have at least given us some time to think, hopefully. Maybe about life, how we treat each other, and what our priorities should be. Overall while there was a lot of confusion, stress, and anger this year but there was also a lot of support between real people. People found new ways to support each other, took responsibility for what was right, and for the most part did the right thing when it counted. Like everything in life, nothing is perfect. 

The most inspiring this I’ve seen this year is the countless ways artists have pulled together to support each other and to support their communities. That’s what two artists are doing on December 20, 2020, online at a Sidedoor show. Canadian alt-rock artist 0Stella and Irish electronic artist Callistan are hosting Pass The Hat, a Xmas Digital Fundraiser, featuring performances by some great independent artists from all across Canada and Ireland. The show is an effort to brighten this year’s holiday season, as well as raise money for community organizations in both countries. 100% of ticket sales will be donated to Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) in Dublin and Canadian charity Boyle Street Community Services in Edmonton, AB. The ICHH outreach volunteers are on the streets 7 nights a week, 365 days a year in Dublin, Ireland, offering practical support to people that are sleeping rough in doorways, parks, squats, and places off the beaten track. Boyle Street Community Services has been working in the inner city of Edmonton since 1971 to serve, support, and empower people to take control of their lives and escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Callistan had this to say in a statement about the project, “The idea came about when 0Stella explained to me that due to Covid she couldn’t return home from Canada this year to see her family, part of which included a trip to town to attend the legendary Christmas Eve busk on Grafton st. This sparked the idea of having our own online busk of sorts and while we’re at it, collecting money for two very important organizations on either side of the pond – the idea of PASS THE HAT came to life”.

The list of artists involved with the show is impressive and includes Skye Wallace, Shred Kelly, ELKAE, Geoff Warner Clayton, Drea Lake, Sinead McConville & D.Cullen, Alex Whorms, Taylor Mas, Goodnight, Sunrise, Ed Phelan & Noel Perry, Kayla Williams and more. 

0Stella says this about working with the artists involved “We couldn’t help but leap at the chance to connect Irish musicians with the Canadian music community. If we’re grounded, for the time being, we may as well build more friendships abroad so we can play together when touring opens up again and in the spirit of Christmas and inspired by the musicians we see every year on Grafton Street, it’s a good opportunity to give back to our communities by raising money for organizations who help people every single day”.

A full list of performances and tickets for the event are available online at Sidedoor. Information and donation information is also available on both of the organization’s websites.



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Benjamin is a Graphic Designer and Creative Director in Toronto, Canada. He has worked on projects for Arkells, Broken Social Scene, and Paul Oakenfold. instagram: @ben_in_toronto

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