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RELEASE DAY EP 4 – Nicole Haber

RELEASE DAY EP 4 – Nicole Haber

Welcome to “Release Day,” an ongoing series where we sit down with Canadian musicians of all genres to discuss their latest releases from singles to albums, and their strategy behind releasing it to the world.

There are many roads that lead us to where we are in our lives.While only at the beginning of her musical career, Nicole Haber has traversed plenty. Creativity is at the centre of her makeup. Not just as a means to express her emotions, but as a way of healing. Nicole has such an infectious personality and enthusiasm for life, you would never know when talking to her that she spent 10 years quietly battling depression. Since courageously seeking professional help, Nicole has worked with DJs all over the world, using her voice to reach a global audience all too familiar with her message. As someone who has lived it, she understands the need for those suffering to know, you’re not alone. We all have roadmaps to our dreams, but if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s how our journey can take a hard turn. Perhaps it’s time we took a moment to learn from being Careless.


Nicole is currently a contestant in Canadian vocal competition “The Shot.” If you would like to help move her through to the next round, you can vote for her in the contest via the link below.



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Alex Huard is a visual storyteller from Whitby, Ontario. From editing and directing music videos, to producing an online docu-series and a full length documentary that was recognized at the 2018 Toronto Independent Film Festival as Best Documentary, Alex is never one to shy away from a creative endeavor.

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