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Let Your Love Burn Out – Howlin’ Circus (New Lyric Video)

Let Your Love Burn Out – Howlin’ Circus (New Lyric Video)

On Friday Toronto rock band Howlin’ Circus dropped a brand new lyric video for their rocking track “Let Your Love Burn Out”! The song is the third track off their album “Run The Wrong Way”, which was recorded in an old church in a remote part of Ontario. The track explores the emotions of current day dating, and the need to sometimes let go of those immense feelings that were once felt.

When asked about the meaning behind the song, lead singer Jafar Sandouk said: “I wanted to explore how you get from passionate, burning love to absolutely nothing within such a short space of time – something that many of us have experienced in big cities with dating apps. Technology helps us connect but it also makes it easier to break up, to let go, to move onto something new. And at the same time you can still keep tabs on all your exes, which probably isn’t all that healthy.” A topic that although I’m sure at times most of wish we didn’t connect to, many people do and they think they hit the nail on the head.

During this pandemic, artists across the country have had to come up with new ways of producing video’s and connecting with their fans, and this is one of I’ve yet to see. Mixing in the concept of a lyric video, the band wrote out all the lyrics and physically present them throughout, a smart way of tying in the live portion that fans are used to seeing, without breaking any physical distancing protocols. “Let Your Love Burn Out” is a great and gritty rock n roll track, deserving of a video, so I’m glad that the band teamed up with Director Chelsea Wedder and found a way to bring this to life during these strange times!

If you’re a fan of this track, you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of the album. “Run The Wrong Way” is the bands debut album, and it’s filled with gems. Howlin’ Circus’ lead singer Jafar Sandouk came to Canada from the UK immediately after Brexit and started working on the release right away,  bringing a sense of urgency and soul searching into the recording process and the album captures the vulnerability, the anger and desire needed to produce a memorable rock and roll debut.

“It’s about defying the expectations and noise that surrounds all of us. What we’ve made is something pure that hopefully cuts through the divide and lights a fire to bring us all back together.”

To watch the new lyric video, click below and to find the rest of their album and more info on the band click here




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