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Jim & Pam – Pontiac bandit (new Video)

Jim & Pam – Pontiac bandit (new Video)

If you need a Monday pick me up, I’ve got it! Pontiac Bandit just released a new Office themed music video and it’s hands down the most heartwarming music video I’ve seen in 2020. The husband and wife folk duo launched the new video on the 15th anniversary of The Office US airing and what a great way to celebrate the show! If you’ve watched the series, you’ll appreciate all the little odes to some of the sweeter moments that happened throughout it. At only two minutes and forty three seconds, it’s crazy to see how many iconic scenes and throwbacks they get in there. It’s a weird feeling to have a song pull on your heartstrings from so many directions, the track itself is beautiful and not only is the video great, but it keeps shooting your mind back to scenes that already have so many sentiments attached to them.  The duo really did a great job with this video and I hope it can put a smile on some peoples faces today.

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