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Canadian Venues Light Up Red for The Live-Event Industry #LightUpLive

Canadian Venues Light Up Red for The Live-Event Industry #LightUpLive

Tuesday September 22, 2020 – Event and entertainment venus across Canada participated in a #LightUpLive by flooding their exteriors in red light. The lights are a move proposed by the ‘Live Event Community’ organization to raise awareness of the current losses being felt across the music, live entertainment, and event industries.

The ‘Live Event Community’ organization describes itself as “a small group of Toronto technicians and producers who live and breathe live events.”. They asked venues across the country to show their support for the live-event industry and its workers who have been hit particularly hard by the necessary COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. 

While the entire industry has been affected drastically, performers and musicians have found ways to at least stay in touch with their audience to some degree or another. Many technicians, managers, and producers, not to mention venues themselves are not seeing any hope short of government support.

The organization is not asking the government for a hasty return to live-events, but rather is advocating for ongoing financial support for live-event workers and businesses being affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic until the industry can safely return to normalcy. 

Live Event Community describes their mandates as follows:

  • ensure that all live event workers are able to pay their bills
  • communicate the unique needs of our sector to all levels of government
  • work with the appropriate agencies to discuss resumption of live events when we are able, and allow our workers to get back to the show – be it in a convention centre, a festival ground, a theatre or a hotel ballroom.

Entertainment and event from across Canada took part in the event.

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Art is fundamentally something that makes the human experience one worth living. I think most of us can agree that music and events play a big role in what we consider an enjoyable existence as people. We will do this safely again, in the meantime it’s important that we find ways to/initiatives that support the artists and venues, to make sure they are still around to enjoy down the road, in one way or another.  

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