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The Zolas New Single “I Feel The Transition”

The Zolas New Single “I Feel The Transition”

The Zolas have released their latest single “I Feel the Transition.” Described by the Zolas’ Zach Gray “a diss track to centrists in 2020: a year of explosive change but so far heavy on the explosive and light on the change.” “I Feel the Transition” is available now on all music services.

Speaking on the track Zach says, “We’ve got a whole generation coming of age and immediately noticing that the politicians in power now don’t have the spine to make real moves on climate change or wealth disparity or [name an issue].None of us have a silver bullet but the system clearly needs flipping and as this generation starts flexing their influence you can feel so many little waves building into one big one to make the transition. It’s 2020 The Times They Are A-Changin’ with better vocals or A Change Is Gonna Come with way worse. 🙂

The Zola’s is an indie rock band from Vancouver British Columbia. The group describes their style somewhere between 80’s post-punk and 90’s alt-rock. In June 2020, the group announced they would be releasing a new single every month in a release series the band dubbed “Z Days” following the realization that due to COVID-19 the release of their new album would be pushed back until the fall.

True to their word, the band has been consistantly releasing a small treasure trove of previously unreleased content. Including singles Energy Czar, Ultramarine, and Come Back To Life.

This is the first single from that album – coming out soon on Light Organ Records – this is I Feel The Transition.



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