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Mystery Meats – Willy Nilly (New Single)

Mystery Meats – Willy Nilly (New Single)

Kingston indie rock/folk band Willy Nilly have just released their first single “Mystery Meat” off their upcoming debut EP “Confused and Rejuvenated”, which was written over the course of the quarantine. The band is very fresh, forming just over a year ago so make sure to give them a follow so you can say you were there before they blew up! Mystery Meats is a wonderfully unapologetic first release, filled with indie rock goodness and a message that is very relatable (almost too relatable…) as someone with big dreams. Like the song says, sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet!

Willy Nilly’s Owen Fullerton told us “To put it simply, Mystery Meat’s is a broke man’s anthem about how overwhelming and scary launching into something headfirst can be. For me, that thing is music which brings me so much joy but can also be draining at times, but the general theme can apply to just about anything. It is also kind of a letter to my bandmates, touching on how I feel sometimes my desire to succeed causes me to put too much pressure on the guys. It has a classic indie rock sound with a catchy chorus and storytelling lyrics.”


It’s a struggle many musicians have faced as starting a new band and putting out new music can always be a bit of a daunting moment, without knowing how people are going to react to it. I asked Owen why making music was worth jumping that hurdle and what about it makes it worth it to really put your necks out there?

“Well the rest of the guys in the band have actually been recording music and playing in bands for a lot longer than I have, so I don’t know how much they’ve even considered careers outside of the music world. For me personally I’ve always been acutely interested but up until the last two years never gave writing/performing a shot. I went to school with the intention of being a sports talk show host, and after working for a year as a news reporter I kind of felt like it was now or never for me to really give music a serious try. Now I’ve kind of cursed myself because every other job I try to do is just hot garbage.”


When asked about the upcoming EP, Fullerton said “Confused and Rejuvenated is a collection of 5 songs written during quarantine. I had a lot of time on my own and a lot of confusion, anger and uncertainty while watching the state of the world that I decided to just write about to keep sane. The pandemic acted as both a blessing and a curse, it felt like we had started to gain some solid momentum with live shows and obviously that got nipped in the bud, but it also gave me time to get away from a job I hated and really just take some time to deal with a lot of stress and unhappiness I had let build up and try to make self improvements both as a musician and a person. The EP goes through the weird balance of panic and calm felt during the shutdown and also reflects on how this pandemic has really exposed how broken a lot of this world is. I can also tell you the songs sound really nothing like Mystery Meats.”

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