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New Ones at Noon E48 (Feat. Apricity, Tennyson Wolf and Jarett)

New Ones at Noon E48 (Feat. Apricity, Tennyson Wolf and Jarett)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E48 (Feat. Apricity, Tennyson Wolf and Jarett)

‘The Fear’ by Apricity

Born in Scotland, Apricity immigrated to Canada as a child, but not before being bitten by the entertainment bug. In her formative years, the singer was a pageant show participant, she also made appearances in Britain’s iconic tv show Top of the Pops, and appeared on kids’ programs like Fun Factory before eventually, and comfortably settling into the world of music. 

Apricity released her first single ‘All My Lies’ all the way back in 2020 – the music video for that track has surpassed 160k views on YouTube alone. The artist is back with her latest release, this is the new one from Apricity, this is ‘The Fear’ – The video for this one was just released and its making its rounds around the internet right now having surpassed 10k views in just a couple of days. This is The Fear, by Apricity. 

For more information on Apricity visit:

‘Tigers Above Tigers Below’ by Tennyson Wolf

Have you ever felt surrounded? Or maybe just like the world was closing in? There is a story of a Tibetan lama being chased by a tiger. He’s at the edge of a cliff, notices a vine, grabs it and jumps. He’s hanging on for dear life, dangling and desperate. As the tiger salivates from above, he notices two more tigers on a ledge just below him, pacing, licking their lips, looking up. He realized he’s doomed.

Juste then, he notices a strawberry growing near him, within reach. He plucks it, and puts it in his mouth. Never in his life was anything so delicious.

That’s a good story. I have no idea if this song is based on that story or not, but I thought it was a good one to tell. Take note of the moment you’re in and enjoy it. This is Tigers Above, Tigers Below by Tennyson Wolf from Toronto.

For more information on Tennyson Wolf visit:

‘Mermaid’ by Jarett

Jarett is a Creative Director, Artist and Music Producer from Vancouver, BC – He describes his music as  being ready for pop, EDM and hip hop fans alike. The artist released his first single ‘Travel’ in 2020 – ironically I think – and he’s back with his new track ‘Mermaid’ – just in time for beach season and the summer. This is the new track from Jarett, ‘Mermaid’.

For more information on Jarett visit his Instagram:

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