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Foreward by Sara Diamond (New Debut EP)

Foreward by Sara Diamond (New Debut EP)

Montreal RNB singer Sara Diamond has just released her debut EP, Foreward and it’s definitely worth a listen. Sara’s goal with music is to inspire others to look inwards and appreciate the myriad of feelings that come along with being human. In accepting the beauty of who we are as individuals, we can learn to love each other without judgement and fear. So it comes as no surprise that this album makes you feel an array of emotions. Sara’s soulfully smooth voice lends to an easy, captivating and interesting listen throughout the album.

Sara’s been singing since the age of 5, when she started recording for her mother’s children’s record label. She went on to become an anthem singer for the Montreal Canadians and released her first single “Just Give In” in 2016. Fall of 2018 brought us the release of her debut EP, give it a listen!



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