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IN Veil Release New Album “Lunatic”

IN Veil Release New Album “Lunatic”

 Toronto gothic industrial synth-pop band IN Veil have just released their debut album “Lunatic” and if any of those descriptor words I just used get you excited, you’re probably going to love this. It’s a great album, with great energy to get your day rocking and ear worms that will be stuck with you for days. An unusual debut offering of the dark and macabre as it hasn’t been heard before, Lunatic mixes elements of metal/industrial with pop and hip hop, to give you a sonic mash up equally heavy and catchy. The album was produced by Michael Falcore of The Birthday Massacre and draws heavily on the folklore of their countries of origin, (Ady: Transylvania and Haysi: Cuba), Gothic influences and variety of genre styles. 

The album starts off with sci-fi horror sound effects, before the industrial drums, and crunchy guitars come in you take you on this trip. Combined with the twisted synths and avant-garde vocals, IN Veil has their own unique sound in the genre on Lunatic. The first track is Salome, which has the energy and feel of a Rob Zombie track, but has twice the chances of being stuck in your head for the rest of the week. The second track of the album is the title track and for good reason. One of my personal favourites from the album, Lunatic features Sam Asteroth of Asteroth Incarnate on guest vocals. It’s a match made in heaven, or maybe in hell… but either way together these artists created one heck of a track. Lunatic has a music video which you can watch below, featuring graveyards and vintage horror clips, which has now surpassed 80,000 views on Youtube!The third track Daddy goes into a breakdown that will remind you of the feelings you got the first few times you listened to Disturbed. It’s dark, but in a way that keeps you coming back. The album ends on a high note with Spider, a track that will eat you right up and make you want to hit that repeat button.  Lunatic keeps you on your toes throughout it’s six tracks, from the lyrically deep verses and anthemic pop choruses of ‘Salome’, through to heavily distorted guitars of ‘Spider’, the duo explores an alluring array of musical and lyrical themes with a hauntingly dark twist.

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