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Monowhales Release Cover of Nine Inch Nail’s The Hand That Feeds

Monowhales Release Cover of Nine Inch Nail’s The Hand That Feeds

Toronto alt-rock three piece Monowhales have recently released their own  rendition of The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails and if you’re a fan of either band, you’re going to love this. Monowhales music has a such a pulsating and energetic alt-rock sound to it, and to add the angst and industrial concepts of NIN to the mix makes for something you’ll want to put on repeat. Produced by Zach Zanardo and Monowhales and recorded by Calvin Hartwick at Dream House Studios, The Hand That Feeds is their first release since Daytona Bleach and comes with a message about the current times, and some exciting news from frontwoman Sally Shaar about the direction new Monowhales music will be going in.

“In this new chapter of a dystopian era, the lyrics speak to all of those who circle and prey above us, daring to ask the collective community what exactly we plan to do about it. Will we acknowledge the cost of what it will take to bring about real change?

One by one, we need to disrupt the line and speak up for ourselves if we want a universe where the despicable don’t mockingly control our every action. I have a deep connection to “The Hand That Feeds” and immense respect for what Nine Inch Nails have contributed to the history of music. We hope to take note of their bravery and move towards making new music that spits out our truths unapologetically, smashes you across the face with industrialism, and leaves all manners at the door.

We are looking forward to showing you what we have in store.”



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