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One In The Chamber Drops New Record “Reload”

One In The Chamber Drops New Record “Reload”

Toronto four piece One In The Chamber have recently released their latest album, the aptly named “Reload” and if your looking to inject some rock n roll right into your veins, I highly recommend giving it a spin! If you’re a fan of old school rock bands like Velvet Revolver, Motley Crue & Alice In Chains, you’ll love the authentic twist this group puts on their sound while paying homage to the greats. While the last two years have been a hard time for many Canadian artists, One In The Chamber pushed forward, and found success that exceeded their own expectations with the time. With the release of two singles and music videos off the album- “Blow” and “To The Gallows” – One In The Chamber has continued to grow digitally, reaching over 80,000 Spotify streams. In addition to numerous live stream performances – most notably a pair of shows with 101.5 The Wolf FM, a performance hosted by the Mississauga Art’s Council, and Halloween Rock N’ Eve, a concert in support of Hamilton Health Sciences – the band has also performed at festivals, a pair of sold out shows, and their first ever theatre performance as live concerts returned to Ontario. Additionally, One In The Chamber was named ‘Best Rock Band’ of 2020 by Blue Rhymez Entertainment and were semi-finalists in 97.7 HTZ FM’s 2020 Rocksearch competition.

And with all these great things happening with the band, for the release of “Reload” they wanted to give back to their fans and the community that they had built around their music. The road to Reload saw One In The Chamber partner Muskoka Brewery, Hades Coffee, Sock Bro, and Chica’s Chicken, to create a massive and unique pre-sale campaign. As a result, fans had the chance to win some killer prizes from the band’s favourite local and independent Ontario businesses – including the very first taste of Reloaded, their signature blend of coffee, created in collaboration with Hades Coffee. The band says the response to Reload and early reviews have been overwhelming, while the support the band has seen since announcing their latest record has been tremendous.

The album starts off with “Blow”, a nice and gritty rock n roll track to get things started. The track starts off with some distorted shot notes, before a guitar riff that immediately sounds like it could be a classic builds up the tension. Once the beat drops, good luck keeping your head still! When the vocals come in, you know you’re right in the middle of a rock record, with a voice that’s cool and groovy during the verse and in your face and exhilarating during the chorus, what a great mix!

The track features a neon tinged music video, produced by the band alongside Diego Del Rio and Kathleen Fobert, directed by del Rio, shot by del Rio and Diego Silveir and edited by Fobert, which you can watch above! Blow was not only the band’s fastest growing release, but it remains their most streamed song, racking up over 60,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

The second track “Baby Doll” takes things in a groovier rock n roll direction. This one’s less of a straight ahead rock track, and really gives the band an opportunity to show off their musical prowess, with some incredible bass runs, captivating guitar play, and one hell of a solo! I highly recommend giving this one a listen either with headphones or in a stereo setting if you can. I really love the intro to this one, and the way the guitar makes use of stereo to almost battle itself and create a build up with the drums before the bass come in and cements everything together, and I feel like you wont quite that same awesome effect in mono.

One In The Chamber slows things down a notch with the third track, Crooked Girl. It’s another great rock tune and shows that the band doesn’t need to be in your face to get their point across, it keeps a changing great pace and features some really impactful gang vocals to tell it’s story. This one features the kind of girl who your family told you to stay away from, but something about her makes that easier said than done. 

Oysters & Champagne picks things right back up with some raw, crunchy and syncopated guitar and driving dums and bass. This one does a great job of sucking you int the lyrical world they’ve created, inviting you to take your seat in the twisted  sonic atmosphere they’ve created. It’s certainly one of the most rock n roll journeys I’ve taken after hearing the phrase “Good evening & welcome, sparkling or still?

The fifth and final track of this album is To The Gallows. To The Gallows is a haunting and twisted love tale and it’s raw rock n roll feel sounds to me like a modern day mix between Led Zeppelin and Alice In Chains. The video (which you can watch above) itself was filmed at Toronto’s Jam Chamber by Diego del Rio and really adds to the feel of the track. When asked about the lyrics behind the track Mike Biase told us

“To The Gallows” is the lyrical prequel to “Something To Say” off our 2018 EP, I’ve Got Something To Say… and is from the perspective of a fallen angel that has escaped from hell and is on earth. Lines like “I’m amazed at the way the souls up here play” is him looking around and being pleased by how shitty people can be and how, therefore, he will one day get their souls. The chorus plays as a back and forth between the demon and a soul that has been sent to hell. Tired of their pleading and complaining, the demon “rips out their tongue”. In essence, the song is called “To The Gallows” because it is a twisted love song to the gallows because they are responsible for so many souls that have been sent to the demon.”

When asked about the raw and gritty music video, drummer Gerrod Harris told us

“Diego del Rio is the man! He’s got so much vision and knows how to pull it off, and, having worked with him and his team for every music video, we’ve been able to come up with ways to make sure each video is a different visual experience from the last. “Blow” was super modern and bright with the neon rockstar vibe, but for “To The Gallows”, we wanted a darker tone to fit the haunting vibe of the music.”

We had the opportunity to ask the band a number of other questions regarding the release of To The Gallows back in 2020, to read the rest of the interview click below!






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