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Monowhales Channel Pain, Rage & Frustration In New Single “StuckintheMiddle”

Monowhales Channel Pain, Rage & Frustration In New Single “StuckintheMiddle”

Juno Award winning alternative rockers Monowhales have recently released their latest music video “StuckintheMiddle” and they did not hold back on this epic piece. Drummer Jordan Circosta describes the song as “one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever released, both musically and emotionally.” The song describes the immense pressure that can be felt when forces in life try to pull you in different directions and the accompanying video perfectly illustrates the emotion. It’s hard to concentrate on what’s best for you and your own life when everyone else seems to have an opinion, and it’s beautiful to see a band let down the curtain and express these raw and vulnerable emotions that many of us may have felt at one point or another, but very rarely comes up in conversation. The song was channeled through a dark time for singer Sally Shaar, and they let the pain, rage and frustration flow through on this honest and fearless track. Leaning into their hard rock background, the trio created an enormous sound complete with stadium-sized drums, half-time breakdowns, and a searing guitar solo to encapsulate the message.

Sally was in a dark place when we were getting ready to record, so Zach and I channeled all of the pain, rage, and frustration we knew she was feeling into this single. We wanted Sally to experience the catharsis she deserved when she laid down those vocals, and her performance did not disappoint.” – Jordan Circosta

Guitarist Zach Zarnado adds that “StuckintheMiddle really cranked us up a notch, allowing us to lean into our rock roots in a much more direct way.

Intergenerational trauma, self-doubt, and a constant struggle against a male-dominated music industry all play a role in what Shaar has come to deal with on a daily basis. Shot in a classic ‘50s kitchen, it illustrates what can be expected of a woman in Shaar’s position.

“I feel pushed and pulled around by my past, present and future. “StuckintheMiddle” is the caged up embodiment of this unsteady confusion and inner rage. Presumptions about my every action can be judged and manipulated by a parent, friend, stranger or even my own self-destructive brain. At a certain point all this pressure starts to feel like a bottle shaken up and poised to explode.

I wanted to be as honest as I could when we were shooting the music video and that meant putting me through the ringer. Those are real heavy chains hooked to my arms with (very kind) folks on the other side constantly pulling at them, so that we could get my authentic reaction to being dragged around. I loved the idea of a sterile environment like a classic ‘50s kitchen to set the tone of what can be expected of a woman in my position. By the end of this shoot, I was physically and emotionally drained of any fight I had in me. I am so proud that I could show you this in tandem with the meaning of the song.” – Sally Shaar



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