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Mobius Radio releases “The More You Know” music video featuring Jeff Woods

Mobius Radio releases “The More You Know” music video featuring Jeff Woods

Mobius Radio has just released a powerful new video for “The More You Know,” the incredibly thought provoking first single off their upcoming album. It’s such a moving track and knowing that it may not have existed had guitarist/vocalist/producer Dylan Henessey not persisted after Mobius Radio got off to a rough start is a testament to why you should never give up. In early 2020, Dylan Hennessy decided it was time to create a band separate from his own name. His Prog-infused, electronic-inspired, Live-Looping Rock music had developed over the years, landing him opening spots for I Mother Earth, Finger Eleven, and MONOWHALES. And for good reason, if you’ve ever seen one of Dylan’s live shows, you know this man is a musical genius by the end of the set, he know’s his way around a guitar like the back of his hand and implements so many sonic elements that it’s hard to imagine all these sounds are coming from one man. But on March 6th, Mobius Radio (which features Henessey on guitars/vocals/looping Alex Van Briggle on Drums) would release their 1st song, and 6 days later, the night before their first live performance under the new banner, they’d be thrown into indefinite pandemic hiatus. Dylan explains

“It was a devastating blow to our momentum, but it did give me time to plan our next move. I began producing demos at home of many of our songs. I spent hundreds of hours just putting things together on my own like a puzzle. It wasn’t until last summer that the skeleton of a record presented itself.”

It was then that Dylan began working with Canadian radio icon Jeff Woods on bringing together a bigger vision.

“I had this idea from the inception of the band, that the songs were all taking place on an illegal radio station. I presented the idea to Jeff of having a record that played through like a radio program, and thankfully, he was interested in working on it. He has one of Canada’s most recognizable radio voices, and he wasn’t afraid to push outside his comfort zone on this record. He narrates a number of interludes, but also appears in some of the songs themselves.”

Jeff Woods is the creator of the radio series The Legends of Classic Rock, Woods also created and currently hosts Records & Rockstars — the music and storytelling content that includes the weekly radio show episodes, plus Jeff’s interviews with musicians, many of which feature exclusive live performances from Wild Woods Blue Studio, heard on the Records & Rockstars Podcast. Woods is also the author of the non-fiction book “Radio, Records & Rockstars”, out in paperback and audio book featuring the original audio of his conversations with legendary artists including: David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh, RUSH, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham & many more

Dylan recalls working on The More You Know.

“This was actually the final song written for this record. It focuses on the idea that as you get closer to mastering something, you can often feel like you’ve actually just been shown how much you actually still have to learn. I had the idea to have a spoken pre-chorus, and hearing it with Jeff’s voice for the first time was crazy, he absolutely nailed it. What’s even cooler was he agreed to act for the first time in the upcoming music video we have for the song. It’s been incredibly rewarding watching our work together come to life.”

The More You Know was recorded and produced by Mobius Radio’s lead writer Dylan Hennessy at his home studio and the music video was shot and edited by Dylan Weller. The video really adds a wonderful element to the single, it’s one thing to hear those intricate guitar parts but a whole other to visually witness the skill that goes into those rythmical tapping patterns. And Jeff Woods voice is one that almost any Canadian music fan is familiar with, but to get to see him on screen for this music video is the cherry on top. Make sure to keep an eye on Mobius Radio this summer, as this is the first of many great things to come!



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