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Phillip Vonesh – Fly Over State

Phillip Vonesh – Fly Over State

Toronto “sad-folk” singer/songwriter Phillip Vonesh has just released his latest single “Fly Over State”, inspired after one of Canada’s Music Incubator sessions. The song is a great example of how artists can use the internet to enhance their art form and colloborate with new artists to discover new ideas and motifs. This new single will tug at your heartstrings and give you a whole new meaning to Fly Over State, click below to give it a listen and keep scrolling to learn more about the track!

“Songwriter Hannah Gazso and I bonded over our shared love for country music while we were enrolled in a virtual incubator program (Canada’s Music Incubator). After the program ended, we made plans to write music over Zoom in Jan 2022.

Hannah brought a certain lyric to the table that really spoke to me – the idea of a person being a “Fly Over State.” I had been going through a breakup that year and the co-write happened on the same week as my ex’s birthday, so I guess it was present in my mind. The story sort of wrote itself: the feeling of unrequited love and of just being a convenient hook-up for someone.

At first, I was self-conscious about this song because it is a co-write. I guess I probably felt a bit insecure that I didn’t write the whole thing, but what I realized is that I really enjoyed making this song with my friends and colleagues. Aaron Goldstein (Kathleen Edwards, City & Colour) produced the song and upcoming album, Scott Galloway (Dean Brody) played keys on the recording, folk artist Daniel James Mcfadyen shared some lyrical inspiration with me, and Hannah Gazso is largely responsible for those beautiful vocal melodies.

Collaboration is important for growth, and I am so lucky to get to work with so many amazingly talented people.”

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